Recovery Services

recoveryRecovery is a healing process and it must involve each aspect of a person. The Downtown Rescue Mission’s Biblically based 12-month Residential Recovery Program is designed to help men and women achieve life-long change and freedom from problems, such as alcoholism, drug addiction and emotional, mental and physical abuse. The program ministers to the whole person and seeks to restore individuals through teaching and modeling solid, Biblical principles and truths in which they can rebuild their lives.

During the 12-month Residential Recovery Program, men and women are provided shelter, meals and clothing as they are equipped with skills and taught how to apply God’s Word to their lives, accept responsibility and live a life of independence. They are taught how to break the cycle of self-destruction through being fully involved in their growing relationship with Jesus Christ. It is this growing relationship with Christ that will lead a person to not rely on alcohol, drugs or any other destructive behaviors that are a commonality in their lives.

We enrich a person’s soul through:
• Biblically-based recovery courses
• Chapel Services
• Christian concerts
• Daily morning group devotionals
• Spiritual Counseling
• Spiritual Encouragement

We enrich the body through:
• Academic attainment (GED and college degree opportunities)
• Computer training
• Group games/tournaments (basketball and softball)
• Recreation and arts/crafts
• Work responsibilities